Speech : Education Day's

Good morning
Greetings for we all
Honorable jury of the contest
Honorable  participants of the contest
And Honorable of the audience

       First I give thank’s to allah Swt, because allah giving healthy for me
And Salawat coincided not forget we say hello to our master the Prophet Muhammad, who has freed us from ignorance of nature
Well I will not spend too long this time I was in front of this to make a speech about education.

 ladies and gentleman
        talk about education in Indonesia was never free from Ki Hajar Dewantara because he was the first person to promote education Indonesias spite of all that, let friends let friends all refer to the struggle for him, because he was the one who set up a park or STOVIA students who established during the Dutch colonial era, when the nation was still overwhelmed by the stupidity of Indonesia.

       The media yes the media that she was she who woke,us you'll know by the mass media, electronic media and internet media, talking about all those things certainly are not foreign goods more to provide education to us but do we ever use is all things it for the wrong, use the key to our success, to support our future, because all the media it is important, for example newspapers, tv, radio, or internet-art machine, use it for our success
Because without the media we may not be able to achieve a higher success level, the exam nasinal his former nem 3.50, continued to increase up to 5.50 and, therefore, come on we all looked forward to see the window to show the world with technology like this value It deserves to be our clothing, we know that school standards have increasingly improved, from the flagship school, SKM, SN, RSBI, SBI TO SI

Ladies and Gentlemen
        In education there are two important things are aspects of cognitive (thinking) and affective (feeling). As an illustration, when we learn something in it not only the thought processes that take part but also there are elements associated with feelings such as passion, love and others. The substance according to Ki Hajar Dewantara education is to liberate human beings and according Drikarya is to humanize humans. This indicates that the experts also thinks that education is not just pay attention to the cognitive aspects alone but should be broader in scope.

        Who does not know the god Zeus to commemorate the Olympic games were held, not something foreign to us if each of 4 seasons pass, but now the olympics held between the student, not an Olympic sport but the Olympic games that make students compete to get the best thing, of course it was not the case easy-we must add to our own leisure time, with the courses, sports, it will make us realize how important education, or even reflective of the god Zeus would see what how we

  Education therefore is the meal everyday from dawn until the sun do not shine shine again, and finally education is also the one who brought me here.
I think this is what I can convey in this speech, probably a lot of shortcomings,

I have a rhyme
Go to the edge of time
Do not forget to bring a jar
Arise children homeland
Rise up this country

Many thanks
More and less I apologize because I’m not a perfect man.

Wabilah hitaufik walhidayah
Wass. Wr Wb

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